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Tips on how to train better / harder / more efficiënt

XYZ-coaching: Top 5 tips for off-road running (30th december, 2013)

1.Work on running drills and ankle stability. Get yourself a personal coach or enter a running team were they advise on striding length, frequency and coordination. As for trail running, you need to have a bag of skills when you go out there and hit the trails. Heel, toe, jumping, fast contacts, big steps, never sure what's coming up so create reflexes in your body.

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XYZ-Training info: Performing and racing in extreme environments

Aangezien het weer enorm warm zal worden de komende dagen heb ik voor jullie mijn kennis en ervaring even op een rijtje gezet ivm het trainen en presteren in warme en vochtige omstandigheden.

-Draag lichte en losse kledij, waar je je gemakkelijk in voelt

-De kledij is wit

-Een wit petje (half petje) => achteruit zetten om de nek te beschermen

-Eten fris of koel bewaren => dag vooraf slaatje maken met rijst, quinoa (gluten vrij! = beste) of pasta en koel zetten

-FRIGOBOX OF IJSKAST meenemen naar de wedstrijd waarin je alles koel kan bewaren

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Winner XYZ-Running Clinic!

I don't need your motivations, stories, mythes, histories, ... or anything else. The deadline for the free running clinic was on monday the 12th (March 2012)! Want to know the winner?

Davy De Kerf

Well he was the first
He is in the XTERRA system
He thinks about his nutrition and food consumption
He tries to do triatlon on a healthy and effort based system by collecting info off qualified persons!

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FREE XYZ-Training Clinic!

Did you always wanted to know something about runningtechnique?
What type of drills do I need? How do I plan this in my runningsessions? How often and how long? Is there a difference between running in a triatlon or doing a running race separatly? ...

Well, I will give one FREE Technical workout. One lucky guy or women. However, you don't get something for nothing. I need your motivation! Why do you need this session? Can you help me with something?
So, tell me why do I need to pick you?

Oh and why do I pick running?

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XYZ-Material Information : BVsport Comfort Thight

The market is saturated with training aids and every single one of them promises you to deliver that extra bit of performance to improve your results. Looking past the clever marketing the trick is to find a product that:
1: is allowed
2: really do as they say on the tin
3: are practical
4: can be used by yourself

The next product in line is a compression tool or piece:

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