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What I do :

The magic in the nature, being in the mountains, the focus and dare, technique or not?  Swimming in lakes and oceans around the globe, riding my Scott mountainbike on lovely trails, running offroad and this al on the same day. In a race, called XTERRA or offroad triatlon. That is my sport!

How it started :

I was about 4 years old and already attending track and cross country races...not as an athlete just yet but the most loyal fan of my older sister Xenia. Seeing her compete the choice for me was easy and at the age of 7 I too started doing athletics and cross country running. As it turned out I wasn't just ok at running, but I also held my own at hurdles and high jump (I could jump higher then my own height). The thing I find amusing about those races back then was the hesitation you could hear from the announcer's voice when announcing the results... as soon as I heard the hesitation I knew my name was up... for those of you whom are wondering; Yeray is a Spanish name form an ancient king. The last one that climbed the mountain at El Hiero. It is used as an adjective: Warrior.
Once those early years flew by things got a tad more serious. Just like my sister I purposely chose to be in it for the long haul and to develop extra conditioning I regularly went for a swim and a ride on my bicycle. That proved to be a succeful formula as I ende up on the national victory stage a few times. Meanwhile my interest in swimming and triathlons was ever growing and culminated at the first Olympic triathlon at the games in Sydney in 2000.

How it went on :

After a few disappointing running results and injuries, combined with my transition from high school to university, I decided to switch to multisports for good. I started of racing duathlons but I am happy to finally settle on the triathlon path. Yet, I still wanted more and through the Kraftman offroad triathlon at Lanklaar (Belgium) I came into contact with XTERRA. After some internet surfing and watching a couple of Youtube clips I finally found a form of racing that was exactly my cup of tea... every single XTERRA race is an adventure in itself, a way of living!

With this gradual conversion to XTERRA is was my way up the ladder to work towards a higher level of performance as well as competition. Taking a young and ambitious coach under my arms, Marc Geerts gave this an even bigger boost without a shadow of a doubt. Having fun, seeing a positive evolution in my performance, mental strength and my own knowledge through my university degree are all key to develop towards a professional training regime together with Marc.

I can tell you this much for sure; if I was not aiming at that top spot to become “the best” , I would probably not be practising this discipline the way I am right now. I do have fun but make no mistake...I am in this game to win it, not just play at it.

Result Wrap-up : 

  • XTERRA Poland Champion 2016
  • 15 times XTERRA World Cup top 3
  • XTERRA World championships 2015, 7th
  • ITU Cross Tri World Championships 2015, 6th
  • Vice XTERRA European Champ, 2013
  • National champion sprint triathlon U23, 2009
  • 2 times National Champion teamtriatlon
  • 3th 2000m steeple chase, 1500m and XC running (youth series)
  • 4 times Nisraman winner
  • +40 international races (40x XTERRA, 2x ITU OD, 2x ITU cross tri)

Result History :


  • 3th winterduathlon (Putte, Belgium)
  • 2nd Grand Raid (La Roche, Belgium)
  • 7th Nationals team tri (Tournaix, Belgium)
  • 3th XTERRA Reunion (France)
  • 2nd XTERRA Portugal
  • 14th XTERRA Belgium
  • 2nd XTERRA France
  • 7th T3 series (Vilvoorde, Belgium)
  • 1th Nisraman (Belgium)
  • 1th XTERRA Poland
  • 2nd XTERRA Sweden
  • 1th La Roche Urban 3 series (Belgium)
  • 1th Sandman (De Panne, Belgium)
  • 4th T3 series (Lille, Belgium)
  • 2nd Amphiman swimrun (Boom, Belgium)


  • 1th Swimrun Brasschaat (Belgium)
  • 4th Grand Raid (Belgium)
  • 2nd XTERRA Reunion (France)
  • 11th Nationals team relay (Belgium)
  • 3th XTERRA Portugal
  • 2nd 1/8 Tri Zwevegem (Belgium)
  • 11th NC OD L'eau D'heure (Belgium)
  • 9th La Roche 111 (Belgium)
  • 5th XTERRA Suisse
  • 1th Nisraman (Belgium)
  • 4th XTERRA Denmark
  • 6th ITU Cross tri World Championships (Sardinia,Italy)
  • 7th XTERRA World Championships (Maui, Hawaii, US)


  • 4th wintertriatlon Brasschaat (Belgium)
  • 3th 1/8ste Herderen (Belgium)
  • 2nd Grand Raid (Belgium)
  • 5th Nationals team relay (Belgium)
  • 3th XTERRA Portugal
  • 3th La Roche 111 (Belgium)
  • 5th XTERRA Suisse
  • 4th XTERRA France
  • 5th XTERRA Sweden
  • 1th Nisraman (Belgium)
  • 3th XTERRA England
  • 31th XTERRA World Championships (Maui, Hawaii, US) (sick)


  • 1th wintertriatlon Brasschaat (Belgium)
  • 1th offroad duathlon Putte (Belgium)
  • 1th Grand Raid (Belgium)
  • 4th Iduathlon Knokke (Belgium)
  • 4th Van Moer triatlon (Belgium)
  • 4th La Roche 111
  • 3th XTERRA Greece
  • 3th XTERRA Suisse
  • 6th XTERRA France
  • 1th Nisraman (Belgium)
  • 3th XTERRA Czech
  • 3th XTERRA Germany
  • 3th XTERRA England
  • 1th sprint triatlon Mechelen (Belgium)


  • 1th offroad duathlon Putte (Belgium)
  • 1th Doornick Belgian Championship Teamtri
  • 3th XTRI Corsica
  • 14t XTERRA France
  • 4th XTERRA Czech
  • 8th XTERRA Germany
  • 1th Kraftman Rotem (Belgium)
  • 6th Mechelen National Championships
  • 9th XTERRA World Championships (Maui, Hawaii, US)


  • 1th Doornick Belgian Championship Teamtri
  • 2nd XTRI Corsica
  • 5th XTERRA Italy
  • 4th Kortrijk (Belgium) 1/4 OD
  • 5th XTERRA France
  • 1th Duathlon Geel (Belgium)
  • 6th XTERRA Czech Republic
  • 6th XTERRA Germany European Championships
  • 1th Namen (Belgium)
  • 1th Kraftman, Rotem (Belgium)
  • 1th Lille (France)


  • 4th XTERRA Portugal
  • 2nd Seneffe (Belgium)
  • 7th XTERRA Italy European Championships
  • 56th Brasschaat (Belgium) ETU premium cup 1/4 OD
  • 6th XTERRA France
  • 2nd Izegem (Belgium) 1/4 OD
  • 22nd Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) ETU Cup 1/4 OD
  • 2nd XTERRA Suisse


  • 6th XTERRA Austria (2009)
  • XTERRA Austria, Klopeinersee (2008)
  • XTERRA France, Mandelieu, La Napoule (2008)
  • 31th XTERRA XTERRA World Championships (Age group, 2008)
01/01/16Nisraman1/40/16/10Nisramont3 times winner
01/01/16XTERRA World cup top 31.5/30/10Europe9 times
01/11/15XTERRA World Championships 20151.5/30/10Maui, Hawaii, US7th overall
26/09/15ITU Cross Tri World Championships1.5/30/10Sardinia, ItalyTop 6
01/01/16NC Sprint Tri U230.7/20/5AntwerpNational Champion
01/01/16XTERRA European tour1.5/30/10EuropeVice European champion 2013
01/01/16NC Team triatlon0.7/20/5Belgium2 times NC with ATRIAC